100% guilt-free, plant-based eating! Food at Boon is healthy, sustainable and tastes amazing!

Kids menus are available at all locations or you can download a copy here.

Our Burgers

Patties made fresh daily, each patty is hand shaped & grilled to perfection. All burgers served with lettuce, red onion & tomato (fresh veg) on a house whole wheat bun. Wrap it up or lettuce keep it light on a bed of romaine.

Make it a Meal!

Meal Deal #1

Burger, your choice of Fries, Soup OR salad, and a house drink.

Meal Deal #2

Burger, your choice of Poutine OR Chili with Fixins, and a house drink.

Meal Deal #3

Burger, Loaded Poutine and a house drink.

Patties 101

♥ All of our patties are now soy free & gluten free* and have no added oil ♥
*Oats may contain traces of wheat

Please ask your Server for Full Ingredients List.


Made up of mushrooms, brown rice, lentils & oats. Carnivore approved!


Made up of chickpeas, brown rice & oats. Gets along with everyone!


Made up of chickpeas & spices. Packed with flavour for the adventurous ones!

Toppings 101


In house marinated, smokey & savoury non-gmo tofu, baked & grilled to perfection!


Violife brand with a base of coconut oil & potato starch to give us that creamy, melty goodness we all know and love!

Pulled Porc

Young green jackfruit cooked with classic smokey bbq flavours with jerk seasoning to give it a bit of a kick!

Boon Dogs

A perfectly grilled organic jumbo euro style dog wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.

Make any Dog into a Meal.

Boon Dog Wrapper

Sauerkraut, mustard, relish, ketchup, mayo & red onion.

Chili Cheeze Dog Wrapper

Cheeze, ketchup, chili, mayo & green onion.

Jack Dog Wrapper

Cheeze, pulled porc, lettuce, bermuda mayo, coleslaw & green onion.

Almighty Dog Wrapper

Cheeze, cucumbers, tomatoes, tzatziki, olive tapenade & red onion.

Savoury Spoons

Soup of the Day

Bowl of house soup served with a whole wheat bun.

Chili with Fixins

A bowl of our house chili, topped with guacamole, cheeze & green onion. served with tortilla chips & a whole wheat bun.