Boon Sprouts!

Sprouting Deliciousness! Boon Burger Café was sprouted to bring the public food that is good: good for you, VERY good for your taste buds, and good for the environment! The plant-based, 100% guilt-free menu that can be found in each Boon Burger Café was created to feed both body and soul. Each deliciously stacked burger, gravy-covered poutine fry, marinara and cheese topped Peace-za, and fresh salad, are crafted to cater to your comfort food cravings and a more sustainable future for all.

Plant-Based Menu

We believe that plant-based is simply better! It was important for us to create a place that offered 100% cruelty-free food to feed both body and soul! Our goal is to offer all of the amazing comfort foods you would expect to find in a traditional burger joint, but healthier!

For the environment too

Sustainability is one of Boon’s core missions. You won’t find garbage bags in the waste center at Boon. No plastics either. All of our takeout cups and straws are made from biodegradable cornstarch. Other than some packaging that we receive, all waste in our restaurants is compostable or recyclable.

Process – not Processed

Food with integrity. We source the best ingredients possible and prepare them by hand – Most of our food is made fresh in our local commissary kitchens & prepared in-house every morning!

Why all the animal pics?

We love all the animals! As our staff love to say: “Friends, not food”


We make the best vegan burgers. At Boon we strive for excellence in food quality, food consistency and taste. We believe that every meal we serve eliminates needless animal suffering. Our food is better for the environment as well as our health.

We offer our customers a comfortable space and a relaxed environment. We are non-judgmental, we strive to educate about the vegan lifestyle along the way.

We value our staff and offer them a safe work environment. We accept and respect staff from all backgrounds, religions as well as
all sexual orientations.

We align ourselves with like minded companies and always try to support local businesses, events and charities.



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