where does boon come from?

The word ‘boon’ means bean in Afrikaans (South African language), Anneen’s birthplace. It also means a blessing, a benefit or something to be thankful for.

BoonBurger-Chicken-BubbleThe sprouting of Boon began in the Summer of 2010 in Winnipeg, Canada. It was created by Tomas and Anneen who met while travelling the world. At the time, the idea of starting a vegan burger place in the Prairies seemed risky.

We quickly realized that no such place was in existence and that we could actually claim the status of “world’s first vegan burger cafe!” Just a few short months later, Boon was born.

It was important for us to create a place that offered 100% cruelty free food, that tasted delicious and that was ultimately a better choice for our health as well as the environment. We use animal images throughout our business to ultimately raise awareness to their unnecessary suffering. Boon offers everything that a mainstream burger joint would offer, from a Bacun Cheeze burger, Poutine, Chili Cheeze dogs to Soft Serve. However, our food is all made from scratch, and we do not use any deep fryers or microwaves. All our waste is either recycled or composted (quite a bit different from those major chains)!

BoonBurger-Pig-BubbleWe also wanted to offer a workplace that is safe, comforting and inspiring. We believe our business is only as good as our staff – and at Boon, we are excellent! Our staff is the heart of Boon and they are masters at what they do.

Boon continues to sprout and we are so excited to spread the vegan goodness. Together, with the help of our existing partners as well as future partners, it is our hope to continue to offer food that eliminates needless animal suffering. We would like to set the bar for future establishments to realize that it IS possible to run a great business that reduces the footprint on the planet.

– Anneen and Tomas, creators of Boon

boon’s mission statement

We make the best vegan burgers. At Boon we strive for excellence in food quality, food consistency and taste. We believe that every meal we serve eliminates needless animal suffering. Our food is better for the environment as well as our health.

We offer our customers a comfortable space and a relaxed environment. We are non-judgmental, we strive to educate about the vegan lifestyle along the way.

We value our staff and offer them a safe work environment. We accept and respect staff from all backgrounds, religions as well as
all sexual orientations.

We align ourselves with like minded companies and always try to support local businesses, events and charities.